Knit Happens

I’m super excited today, because though my knitting mojo seems to have been waning a bit lately, my designing mojo has skyrocketed!

I’ve released my first for-sale pattern on Ravelry, the Well Traveled Socks. These socks include traveling cables on the cuff and leg, and then a heel flap and stockinette foot. I adore them, and am really proud.

Well Traveled Socks

Well Traveled Socks

If you Ravel, they are available for $5 as a PDF download HERE.



3 thoughts on “Knit Happens

  1. They are adorable and I love the yarn! They’ll be on my wish list as soon as I learn to knit socks!

    I’ve caught the bug badly though. Working on a baby blanket for a friend. And starting tomorrow, I’ll be meeting with a knitting group at the office where we’ll get together once a week over the next few weeks to knit squares for baby blankets to be donated. I’m looking forward to that!

    See what you’ve done?

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