Knitshaming Continues

I’m currently knitting a pullover that is definitely going to be too big.  I used the wrong size needles for the ribbing on the front (but not on the back), and I’m almost certainly going to run out of yarn halfway through the first sleeve.  And to make matters worse, last night this happened:


No one worry–I was able to get it all sorted after ripping back four rows.  But it still almost gave me a heart attack.  There’s a reason I don’t knit shawls that are entirely covered in lace. 

Please keep #knitshaming!  I’ve loved some of the others I’ve seen so far, especially one over at Through the Back Loops…be sure to check it out! 



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Something big. Huge.

On Friday I have a pretty big project being released. As an independent, self-published designer, it’s the first project of this size that I’ve ever thought to undertake. For me, it’s huge.

I’m equal parts of nervous and excited, which I suppose is only natural when you’ve committed the greater part of a year to something. Mostly, I’m proud of myself. I undertook items and designs that were out of my comfort zone, and I was afraid a time of two (or daily) that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. But I did.

Friday is almost here! Here’s a sneak peek!



A history of my world in 100 objects #25

A quarter of the way there…wahoo!

This is my first (pitiful) attempt at a sock from 2008. It’s pretty atrocious. It’s too small. It’s mate is missing. The toe is twisted because I thought I could just do the decreases any old place I pleased. My stitches are twisted because I was still knitting backwards. I never weaves in the ends.

But I wore them with pride. I still would, if I had both of them. They were a case of sheer sticktoitiveness. They were hard.

I’ve knit dozens of socks now. But I still keep this lone sock as a reminder of where I started.



A History of My World in 100 Objects #11

Knitting. I could have posted pictures of my favorite needles, favorite finished object, my entire yarn stash, knitting bags, project bags, or dozens (hundreds) of other objects. But I decided to stick with old faithful.

Malabrigo Worsted, Blue Surf, Amanda Hat

This is my very first skein of Malabrigo yarn. This picture is from February 2008. Though I’d been knitting for almost a year at this point, I’d knit in acrylic blends picked up in town, and stuck primarily to scarves. It was not the finest year of my knitting career. I was a knitter, but not Knitter.

This one skein of yarn, the purchase of which also coincided with the founding of the Harrogate Nutty Knitters, paved the way for me to become the Knitter I am today. I realized what good yarn is, and how incredible it is to knit with. I learned to break free from my knitting box and to challenge myself as a knitter. I started to love knitting. Knitting became a lifestyle for me, more than just a hobby.

So it’s only fitting that this object should be that first skein of Malabrigo yarn, and the first project I ever knit with it. It made an addict out of me–both to the yarn, and to the process.

Knit on.


The Call of Spring

Every year, spring inspires me to get my house cleaned up, to get rid of junk I don’t use anymore, to do something with the girls’ playroom, to cast on knitting projects…

Yes, that’s right.  With the end in sight for my Brilliantly Britain, I couldn’t resist the wild call of my yarn chest.  There was sotobosques Malabrigo Worsted, aching to be a soaker for Jessica and a final version of the Wyatt pullover I’m designing.  There was some Fleece Artist fingering weight that has aspirations of becoming a new neckwarmer/scarf with an idea by my cousin Megan.  There’s a test knit of a shawl for a friend that’s still on the needles from months ago that I suddenly feel inspired to pull out and study.

I should be immune to the calls of spring startitis.  Instead, I hear her call…and I answer.


Brilliantly Britain

Malabrigo March never fails to entice me, though this year I had to curb my participation due to the business of life (3 kids, house, writing, designing, and jewelry sales make for a busy Kelly).

Last year’s big Mal March undertaking was the Brilliance Pullover in Malabrigo Worsted, the lettuce colorway.  It was knitting up beautifully.

However, as the pack out and move back to the states approached, it got pushed to the back burner and then was forgotten about in lieu of other projects.

But as another Malabrigo March came and went and we approached the one year anniversary of our move home, it seemed only fitting to dig my Brilliance Pullover (aptly named my Brilliantly Britain) out and start working on her again.

The knitting itself is so soothing–I love that it’s simply knits and purls, with the ridges mixed up and creating a beautifully textured garment that my husband thinks looks like the most professional thing I’ve ever knit.

But as I prepare to knit the last few rounds, I find myself saddened by the concept.  It feels, in a way, like this is my last tie to our time in England.  The last remaining project that I cast on during our time there is about to be finished.

Has a year really gone by already?  It doesn’t seem possible.

Expect pictures of Brilliantly Britain soon…



I was super excited by this year’s Ravelympics/Knitting Olympics challenge.  The Plain and Simple Pullover has been in my queue for a long time, but I was daunted by the idea of a fingering weight sweater, even one that has a fairly straightforward construction and short sleeves.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to challenge myself.

But life, as it seems, had other plans.  Close friends were stunned by news that cancer has returned, and suddenly their lives revolve around schedules and experimental treatments.

These aren’t the friends we’ve known the longest, and aren’t the family we were born with.  But their story has really struck a chord with me.  Perhaps it’s the wife’s upbeat nature, refusing to become consumed with her husband’s scary prognosis.  Maybe it’s the fact that their children are the same age as our children.  Maybe it’s watching the couple together–how much they love each other and appreciate one another, recognizing the blessings they’ve had together in spite of this terrible news.

Whatever the reason, I’m putting my knitting projects on hold for a greater purpose–hats they’ve requested to take with them to New York.  How can I refuse?

It isn’t my Knitting Olympics project, but I’m not sad to put that to the side for this.  There’s more to life than that simple, self-imposed challenge. There are real challenges out there, those I can’t even begin to comprehend.  Those that no one should have on their plate.  Ones that, though I pray, I can’t get a grip on.

I wish there was more I could do.  But in the meantime, I’ll knit.


Passing the Time…

Time continues to pass…some minutes slowly, others more quickly.  My impatience is starting to fade (as are most of those pesky contractions…drats!), and we’re getting on with the business of the holiday season.  The girls have Christmas concerts at school tonight and tomorrow night, we are decorating my mom’s Christmas tree this weekend, and next week the girls don’t have school, so we have a full schedule of playdates, cookie baking, and other fun activities to keep us busy.

As for me, I’ve been knitting to pass the time, too.  This year, I opted not to involve in the madness of years past that I lovingly called, “Christmas knitting.”  This year, I have a chestful of handknits, and if I feel so inclined, friends and family to dole them out to.  But not something for everyone, and I have no guilt about it.  Some people appreciate and cherish handknits…others don’t.  More so, some handknits are more time consuming than others, and most non-knitters don’t really get that, either.

But here’s a peek at some of the knitting I have done lately, holiday or otherwise.  Ignore the mediocre lighting…most has been finished in the evenings, when daylight isn’t possible!

So, the time is passing.