The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Though I’ve mentioned briefly that I suffer from depression and anxiety, I’ve written past posts with the intention of glossing over this part of my life.  I’m not embarrassed, because I realize that real, true depression and anxiety are chemical imbalances.  Still, they have a stigma with them, and since I know many of my friends and family read my blog, I hesitated to come right and and reveal this part of me openly, honestly, and in writing.

However, last week I received some calls for content on Associated Content that related to psychological disorders, and I realized that maybe the time had finally come to be admit the truth to the masses.  I am depressed.

After a long struggle filled with counseling and reading, I did decide to treat my problem with medication.  I’m not ashamed, because I know that I am really and truly sick.  I did everything that is suggested in order to treat depression without medication–counseling, exercise, keeping motivated and out of the house every day, doing things I enjoy like writing, reading and knitting, eating right, and the rest of the list.  But I wasn’t any better.  For me, medication was the right choice.  I can’t explain to you what it was like for me when I was at my lowest…mostly because I don’t want to relive that pain…ever.

Of course, I still pursue other avenues to treat my depression, including acupuncture and herbal supplements.  But for now, I have accepted that depression and anxiety are an illness like diabetes, and that it’s alright to treat them as such.

At any rate, the pieces have published at Associated Content now, one about communicating with a doctor about psychological medications, and one about evaluating the effectiveness of a psychological drug.

And really, I feel a weight off of my shoulders, sharing this part of my life with you.