In Which I Lose My Blogging Mojo

I feel like I used to have these really insightful, witty even, things to say when I blogged.  I’m not sure what it is about having your third child that turns your brain to mush, but I know it has happened to me.  When I sit down to blog, I’m finding myself at a loss for an anecdote to recite or some deep thought to share.

It’s depressing, that’s what it is.

But it’s a challenge, and I like the idea of rising up to a challenge.  It isn’t that I crave thousands of readers or a following for Kelly Without a Net.  I don’t actually believe that most of my blog readers then go and read my AC articles or think that one day, some famous literary agent is going to read a blog post I’ve written and ask for a copy of Scattered. But what I do want is my blog to mean something–to me, and to the people that do read it.

We’ll see what the next blog brings then, shall we?


The Importance of Pictures?

I was just sitting down to blog and tell you all that we made it back to the states safe and sound, no worse for the wear.

Then I realized that this would be my third blog post in a row with no pictures, and it got me thinking…how important are pictures to the satisfaction you receive when reading a blog post?

I’d love to get some feedback from my readers, even if you aren’t regularly a commenter. Do you like it when I post pictures? Why? What pictures are you the most interested in?

And I guess that gets us down to the reason you read my blog–the knitting, the girls, my life/depression/coping, or the combination of it all?

I’d love to hear from all of you…


Finding Time to Blog

I have often had people ask me how I make time to blog, to knit, to write, and all of the other things that fill up my stay-at-home-mom days.  Thankfully, my girls go to nursery 2 1/2 days a week, so that gives me time to keep the house in (some) order and to do the web writing and editing of my novel.

But the other stuff…well, I make time.  I knit while we’re watching a television show, while the girls are eating lunch, and while we’re sitting in the car between activities.  I find the time, because I love it.  Most of my knitting happens after the girls are in bed at night, because I find it so easy to do while watching a movie with Marcus or while he plays video games.  But I make time for it during my day because it keeps me sane.

As for blogging, I make time for that too.  I usually like to blog while the girls are at school (like now) or when we just wake up in the morning.  The girls wake up, eat breakfast, and watch a show or two, and I’ll catch up on emails, the news, and blog if I have something blog-worthy to say (and sometimes, even if I don’t).

I might get interrupted, and have to leave the blog alone and return, but typically, I can whip one out fairly quickly if I’m so inclined.

Yesterday morning, however, I laughed out loud and knew you’d appreciate what truly goes on in my house while I’m blogging.

I heard Kicka go into the kitchen.  I heard her riffling in the bread bag and getting a piece.

And then…nothing.

I finished writing, ears poised to hear and intervene in whatever trouble she might get herself into, but heard nothing.

And then, in she walked.

Proud Kicka, after buttering her own bread!

Proud Kicka, after buttering her own bread!

Yes, that’s bread in her hand.  And those globs all over it?  Butter.  That little stinker got the butter and butter knife (which I’d left on the counter…bad mommy!) and buttered herself a slice of bread.  Bless her, she was so darned proud of herself!

I make time for blogging, knitting, writing, and all the other things that make me who I am.  But my girls…they just are.


Feeling Special!

I’m feeling super special today for a whole bunch of reasons.

1)  We are homeowners again.  My mom signed away our lives and fortune (hah!) last night, and Marcus and I are now proud homeowners of a brand new home in Annapolis.  Though we still haven’t seen it in person, everything about it feels right, and we know that this we be the home that we raise our family in for years to come.  We are very excited.

2)  I am writing again.  I’ve taken a bit of time off from web writing recently, and am back to editing my book.  After a failed relationship with a potential editor, I’ve decided to edit  my novel myself and with the help of some friends and family.  It’s changed my timeline some, but I think I’ll be happier with the results this way.  After all, it is my baby.

3)  I’m almost done knitting Arwen.  After months and months and months, the end is in sight.  I expect to finish her up and be wearing her by the end of the week.  I’ll blog about her and our relationship in more detail later this week…promise.

4)  I’ve been nominated for a blog award by, not one, but two readers.

Two of my closest friends and fellow bloggers, Call Me Carol and Nothing Fancy, gave me this honor, and I am super excited about it.  Thanks so much, girls.

Other than returning the award to them (which I, of course, do!) I really want to send it to A Bright Future.  I went to college with the author of this blog, and we lost touch over the years.  But after finding her blog, I check in with it every single day.  She is very real–going through some struggles, living, parenting, working, and being honest about it all.  I love that about her.  I get bummed when I check in and see that she hasn’t written anything new…seriously.  I love her blog…no doubt about it.

So, today I’m feeling special, and I hope that you are, too!