My First Blog Contest

I noticed that as of today, I am 641 page views away from reaching a big milestone for me–30,000 page views since I started blogging!

Since I skipped any blog-versary celebrations in March, I thought I’d have a little contest to celebrate this occasion, instead!

Your mission: Select the date when I will meet/exceed 30,000 page views.  Choices must be made by FRIDAY, Sept 11. (Please note the change from Saturday–I forgot we’re going away for the weekend!) Any guesses after this date will not be counted.  Post your guess as a comment on this blog post.

What I’ll Do:  I will continue to blog per usual, and check my blog stats on a daily basis.  The day that I login and see a number above 30,000 page views will be the winning date.

Who Wins: The person who selects a date closest to the date will win first prize.  I’ll use the random number generator to select a second prize winner!  If two or people select the same date, I’ll randomly select the first/second prize winners from that pool.

The prizes: If the winner is a knitter, they can select either one skein of Malabrigo Sock Yarn in either Cordovan or Eggplant.  If you’re a malabrigo junkie–all the better, because October is the Stockpile, and sock yarn is the yarn of choice!

If the winner is not a knitter (or they aren’t interested in sock yarn), they will win a handknit winter hat, using the Dean Street Hat pattern by Ninaknits, in Malabrigo Chunky Paris Night or Malabrigo Worsted Olive.

For sneak peeks at any of these colorways, please visit the malabrigo website, or check out my stash on Ravelry!

Let the guessing begin!  🙂  Please spread the word to friends and other bloggers–all guesses welcome!

NOTE:  I have had to hide my counter–I know what you guys are doing.  I am on to you!  Ha-ha!  🙂 In addition, I am going to move the entry date to FRIDAY, instead of Saturday.  So, be sure to enter by Friday!


Must. Step. Away.

I am seriously in trouble.  Yesterday, for our anniversary, Marcus “took me” online wool shopping.  I bought the wool for my mother’s Christmas cardigan, the wool for Kiki’s Christmas cardigan, and then the wool for a hoodie and a cardigan for myself.

And 5 balls of wool just for fun.

And some new needles and sock wool from a favorite ebay seller.

Then, this morning, I realized the wool bought for my hoodie might be too tough (thanks for the tip, Anne), and I bought a different wool off of ebay.

All in all, I just spent (gasp…seriously…you may want to look away) $250 on knitting related items.  In less than 24 hours.

And don’t forget that tonight I am buying Sue’s Namaste Newport bag in Charcoal.

That’s it.  The time has come.  Remember when I scoffed at the so-called yarn diet?  Well, the time has come.  I am not allowed to buy ANYTHING knitting related until I go to iKnit in September.  That means no knitting bags, no wool, no needles…nothing until September 6th.

I need your support here, friends. Seriously.

And while we’re on the subject, don’t tell Marcus about the wool that I ordered this morning…he doesn’t know.  He doesn’t need to know.  It’s better for all of us if he doesn’t know.  🙂


Happily Ever After

Six years ago today, Marcus and I walked down the aisle in a beautiful church, surrounded by our family and friends.

Though the details of the day are still so clear, it’s hard to go back and remember it as it really was–a time before Samgirl and Kicka, a time when we’d never been to Europe or considered living abroad, a time when we were both working different jobs and had never owned a home.

It seems so long ago.

From this

to this

and this

in just six years.

Amazing, isn’t it?  My life is filled with love.  I am blessed.