who is kelly?

My friends tried hard to help me think of the perfect title for this blog. I wanted to find a way to express who I am in a catchy way–a stay at home mother to three daughters, freelance writing, and knitting and designing to pass the time that I should be using to clean the house and cook a pot roast. Whew…is there a phrase that can encompass all of that?

More than anything else, I wanted my blog readers to see me as I am…real. A real mom, not a supermom. My life is like my knitting–I’m dropping stitches, frogging entire works, and realizing that no knitting is wasted.

kelly without a net seemed like the best choice. In my life, there are no lifelines and no rewrites. I just live it, just like we all do, every day.


9 thoughts on “who is kelly?

  1. I want to make the in threes: a baby cardigan but I want to make it for an adult. How would I go about increasing the stitches or have you already done that? I want to wear it as a smock for work over my clothes and love that pattern. Let me know if it can be done or how I would go about doing it. I will buy the pattern when you let me know if it can be done. Thank you so much. Judy BTW quilting is my business but knitting is my hobby. When I go home at night my knitting is my salvation. I do not want to have knitting in shop because for me it is my outlet. LOL

  2. I was hunting for a cowl, EASY, and came upon this one, whose design I really like! The name Rievaulx caught my eye, for I LOVE that place!! We have been there a few times and never tire of it – or Yorkshire in general! Thanks for the cowl. I hope I do it justice. I’m just needing something to do in the car when traveling out east. Not ready for anything complicated yet.

  3. Ran across your blog by link from yahoo page. I was shocked how much we have in common. We are Chicagoans who have spent the last 3 years in Yorkshire and are now moving back to the US (Portland). How did you find the re-entry into the US? I am worried about children reintegrating into a US culture/ schools they really don’t know. Any advice?

  4. I really have enjoyed reading a couple of your blogs (actually all of the ones that I have read). I noticed your reference to OC, Maryland. I live not too far from there. There is just something about that place! Anyway, love that you are real…

  5. Hi Kelly, I am “calabashmom” from Instagram. Thanks for liking my photo of myself standing on the scale. I wanted to let you know that my name is also Kelly H, that I am a teacher and I want to be a writer, that I have three children, that I love to read and drink… I think the only thing we don’t have in common is I don’t knit! I plan to spend some time reading your blog and hope to get inspiration to actually start writing one of the three books I have sketched out in my mind. Sincerely, Kelly H

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