In which there is a blanket…

“To love another person is to see the face of God.” –Victor Hugo

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” –Proverbs 27:17

“The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.” –CS Lewis


I spent a lot of time over the past 8 weeks reflecting on each of these quotes.  I know exactly how many weeks it was because that’s how long it took me to knit a blanket.  It wasn’t just any blanket–it was “the” perfect blanket.  I designed and knit it for a family so special to me that I honestly don’t even know how I am going to write this blog post without crying.  So sit back and wait for it, because this post is going to be a doozy (which spell check tells me isn’t a real word…I call foul).

I have been blessed in my life with the opportunity to travel and live overseas with Marcus’ job.  It has brought us so much closer together as a couple and we’ve come together as a more cohesive family unit. It has also meant that we’ve had the chance to meet people that might not have otherwise crossed our paths.  I think there was a time where I would have called that “coincidence.”  Now, though, I know it was God’s hand in my life.

I know that God put Jody and Rachel and each of their children in my life to fill a void that I didn’t even know existed.  Like I wasn’t complete until I met Marcus and he and I were joined together, I feel like I can also say that we weren’t complete until we met them.  Marcus and Jody are able to work together and play together, each bringing out the best in one another on personal and professional levels.  Rachel and I do the same, each bringing something to the table that the other is lacking.  Like in my marriage, and in theirs, the extrovert and the introvert have paired up as a perfect match.  And so when the four of us are together, it’s more than friendship.  It’s like family.  It’s like home.

It’s not only Jody and Rachel as individuals (though that’s a huge part of it), but it’s also the connection we have felt and shared with them on a religious and spiritual level.  We’ve grown closer to God through our friendship with them.  It has, and they have, changed my life.  I’m prayerful about what will happen to that change when they leave, in stages, over the next several months.

 I am struggling so much with their impending departure.  The curse of living overseas and working with the military is that people don’t stay.  I absolutely despise that part of this experience.

To pass the time, and as part of my Lenten experience, I decided to knit Jody and Rachel a blanket.  They had longingly admired the blanket I was making for Marcus, and I thought that a blanket would be a nice gesture.  I would knit prayerfully and focus on the good, and not the sad.  When I couldn’t find a blanket pattern that I liked after scrolling through patterns on Ravelry, I knew that I should design one myself.


The “Perfect Match” blanket was born out of love.  Out of necessity.  Out of prayer and peace and loss and happiness.  Every stitch was considered and deliberate.

There are very few projects that I have worked on in my life that I have been sad to finish.  This was one of them.  I cried as I weaved in the loose ends and folded it up.


I don’t want them to go.

Rachel is my practical, calm, prayerful friend.  She’s the logical one.  Our friendship isn’t ending because they are leaving.  We’ll see each other again.  The internet, Facebook, email, they’ve all made the world smaller and distances relative.  So true.

And still.

I don’t want them to go.



in threes: weigh in!

Hi everyone!

As I’ve said, I’m putting together an updated version of in threes: a baby cardigan. I’ve taken to heart all of the feedback I’ve received over the past three years, and want to make this pattern as practical and functional as possible.

One of the biggest things I’ve noted is that some people feel that the pattern (with between 2-4 inches of positive ease in each size) runs a bit big.

Has this been an issue for you, and would you be interested in some re-sizing when I update the pattern? Re-sizing would most likely also feature the inclusion of a size 6 and a size 8…the biggest requests I get from knitters.

I’d really love to hear feedback from you all. Do you like the pattern as is? Would you like the sizes to be slightly reduced, featuring less ease in each size? Are you interested in sizes 6 and 8?

Thank you!



Would you like to win a free copy of my new e-book? Well, I’d like to give one to you!

Contest starts NOW and runs through Sunday at noon EST. Enter by posting a comment here on this post including your first name and favorite yarn or favorite color.

I’ll randomly select one winner from the entries to win a copy of Sunfest!

Good luck!


Something big. Huge.

On Friday I have a pretty big project being released. As an independent, self-published designer, it’s the first project of this size that I’ve ever thought to undertake. For me, it’s huge.

I’m equal parts of nervous and excited, which I suppose is only natural when you’ve committed the greater part of a year to something. Mostly, I’m proud of myself. I undertook items and designs that were out of my comfort zone, and I was afraid a time of two (or daily) that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. But I did.

Friday is almost here! Here’s a sneak peek!



A history of my world in 100 objects #25

A quarter of the way there…wahoo!

This is my first (pitiful) attempt at a sock from 2008. It’s pretty atrocious. It’s too small. It’s mate is missing. The toe is twisted because I thought I could just do the decreases any old place I pleased. My stitches are twisted because I was still knitting backwards. I never weaves in the ends.

But I wore them with pride. I still would, if I had both of them. They were a case of sheer sticktoitiveness. They were hard.

I’ve knit dozens of socks now. But I still keep this lone sock as a reminder of where I started.



One Thousand Threes

in threes: a baby cardigan, to be exact.

kelly without a net is really excited to announce that we are preparing for our one thousandth person to cast on their version of in threes: a baby cardigan.  One Thousand.  That’s a one, with three zeros after it.  I am totally floored and awed and appreciative and excited (that’s a lot of adjectives).

I’ve put together a small giveaway commemorating this event!

Right now, 980 people have cast on and entered their in threes: a baby cardigan in the project database on Ravelry.  Once we reach 1,000, I’ll open a thread in my kelly without a net group on Ravelry entitled, “One thousand threes!”  Every one who posts in the thread (post whatever you want!) will be entered for a chance to win one of 5 prizes (randomly selected).  The thread will be open for exactly 48 hours, so be sure to check back regularly.  One entry/post per person, please (I’ll delete any posts after your first).  You do not need to have knit in threes before to win.

First Prize:  One skein of Malabrigo Rios, your choice of colorway

Second Prize: One skein of Malabrigo Worsted, your choice of colorway

Third Prize: One skein of Malabrigo Dos, pantano colorway

Fourth Prize: your choice of kelly without a net pattern

Fifth Prize: your choice of kelly without a net pattern

Please spread the word to your friends, be on the lookout for the post in the kelly without a net group, and THANK YOU for helping make in threes: a baby cardigan successful!