In which things feel bittersweet…

Last summer, when most of our friends moved home and our church closed, the word bittersweet was thrown around so often that I swore I would smack the next person who used it.  Luckily, it never came to that, and the bittersweet period slowly faded away into the new normal.

But now, months later, bittersweet seems the only word I can find that fits.  Today we are 100 days out from our move back to America.  Things didn’t end quite the way we’d planned, and it’s been a bit of a rocky one for us lately.  But I think (I know) we’ve come out stronger on the other side, and that God has a bigger and better plan for our family.  We just need to turn it over to Him.

As sad as we are to say goodbye to Harrogate, we are happy to say hello again to our family, our friends, and many things about our life in the states.


I really do hate that word.

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