In which I need Lent…

We are just a couple of weeks into our Lenten journey, and this year it feels so much different than it did last year.  I knew that it would, of course.  Our church, our wonderful parish community, is gone, and some of our closest friends have gone with it.  We are blessed to have another Catholic church here in town though, but fitting in, belonging, and making it feel like the home we lost has been hard.  I also think part of what’s been holding me back from feeling comfortable there is the knowledge that our time overseas is almost over.  I have a sense of, “Why bother getting involved when it’s just a few more months?”

So I’ve been trying other ways to feel alive and renewed this Lent, and among them, I’ve been reading some of the daily mass readings and devotions at Blessed is She. The readings and the reflection on 17 February really struck a chord with me, specifically, this one quote:

Lord, renew the spirit within me, I want to be steadfast, unwavering, and true to you. I want my heart to be clean, contrite, humbled, and once again entirely Yours.

Yes.  That.  Exactly.  That is exactly what I need this year.  I was in a different place in my faith last year at this time.  Maybe not better or worse, but different.  And I didn’t feel quite as lost as I do these days.

So today, I need the renewal of spirit that Lent is here to offer me.  I plan to take this as what it is…an opportunity.  A chance for me to grow in faith and in the spirit that I’m being offered by this sacred time.

Praying that you experience that same renewal during this Lenten season.

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