In which I forget…

I feel overwhelmed. The house is utter chaos. There are toys and clothes and lego (oh the lego) everywhere. The bathrooms are messy and there are cake tins cluttering up the kitchen counters that I work hard to keep clutter-free. The rug in the lounge has needed two (sometimes three) vacuums every day. My bedroom has no less than four loads of laundry folded on the floor waiting to be put away. There are four loads awaiting the washing machine. Every bed in the house is unmade. I did the dishes an hour ago…but they still aren’t done.

But in the midst of it all, I can sometimes, for a fleeting second, remind myself that none of it matters, not really. No one cares what my house looks like. And if they do, it doesn’t matter anyway.

When the girls are grown and gone I can have a clean house. If I want. And maybe I won’t even want one then. And that’s ok too. It’s ok to have priorities that aren’t a clean house.

I forget. Sometimes I get caught up in all the things I’m not, and forget all the things that I am. I am more than the state of my bedroom and the dishes in my sink.

And so are you.


2 thoughts on “In which I forget…

  1. Kelly – this is not really a comment, rather a request. I’m searching for an adult version of In Threes. I’ve knit the kids version a couple of times, and even made a “doll” version, but I love the pattern, and would love to make one for myself. I feel a little guilty, as the pattern was given to me by a girlfriend [actual pattern,NOT a copy]. I also just got your book from Amazon – haven’t read it yet, but it’s next on my list. Review will follow once it is read.

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