In which I write a Christmas letter…

Except, I didn’t. About 3/4 of my cards are in the post, the last 1/4 still waiting to be addressed. And none of them will have a Christmas letter in them. But the blog will, so pay attention! And I’m feeling festive, so it’ll happen in the form of the 12 days of Christmas!

In the Herdrich house this year, we were blessed with all of these…

12 day trips to castles, abbeys, and historic homes (maybe more!)

11 cricket sessions for Jessica

10 business meetings for Marcus (ha–more like 100!)

9 visitors to our house (Barbara, Kiki, Andrew, Wyatt, Nolan, Mick, Mercedes, Nancy, Amie)

8 swimming lessons for Jessica

7 races Kelly ran in (2 half-marathons, 3 10Ks, and 2 5Ks)

6 cheerleading practices for Samantha

5 knitting pattern designs by Kelly

4 trips exploring (Cornwall, Edinburgh, Germany/Bavaria, Hadrian’s Wall)

3 diving competitions for Erica

2 piano recitals for Samantha

And 1 happy Herdrich family!

Ta-da! #nailed it


One thought on “In which I write a Christmas letter…

  1. Not really a comment about this post, but are you really going to do an adult “in threes” – I made it for my granddaughters, even made one for the American Girl Doll, but now I want one for me – any chance?? I’ve just found your blog, but will be following – I have great admiration for those who blog regularly – I’m retired and have no excuse for not keeping up with mine!!

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