In which I meet the Queen…

Ha!  I wish!

But, I did see her while experiencing something I’d consider quintessentially British, the Royal Ascot.  My friend Carrie and I joined in with a bus full of other ladies in large hats and fancy dresses and made the trek from Harrogate to London.  We spent several hours at the gorgeous Henley-on-Thames before getting a good night’s sleep and gearing up for the big day (incidentally, Ladies Day).  

It was such fun!  The hats were a massive highlight, in addition to the Royal Procession.  We watched each of the 6 races from a different vantage point, including the grandstand and as close to the track as we could get!  I called my dad and we picked a horse to bet on in the Gold Cup (note: we lost).  I drank (responsibly!).  I laughed and smiled and watched and listened.

And I’ll definitely go back!  



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