In which we travel

We were off traveling this past weekend, and while our usual goal is to see something new and have some time to relax together as a family, this time we (well, I) had a completely different goal in mind.  

I ran a half marathon in one of our favourite cities in the world, Edinburgh.

ImageIt was an absolutely amazing and exhilarating experience, and I came right home intent on finding another race for the autumn.  

Of course, there were family adventures, too.  We hiked up Arthur’s Seat again, something the girls really enjoyed on our last trip to Scotland.  



In addition, we took a detour on the way home, stopping at HOGWARTS (or Alnwick Castle for you Muggles).  It was such a beautiful castle and adorable town–we can’t wait to go back when we have more time to explore!




Our next adventure is set for August…unless I can convince Marcus that we need a weekend getaway sometime sooner.  I’ll certainly try!  


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