In which we run for fun!

I’ve become a bit of a running addict since I first set foot out the door just over a year ago.  My goal (to get fit and to run a 5K) was soon in the dust and I moved on to bigger and better goals.  More 5Ks, a 10K, fun runs, charity runs, and now, on next week’s agenda, my first half-marathon.  It’ll be fun (maybe?), but the run I did today can’t be topped!

I did the Color Run in the National Harbor last year and had a blast, so I decided to try Color Me Rad at nearby Harewood House in Leeds this year!  It didn’t disappoint.  Of course, I ran it about 20 minutes slower than last year…why you ask?  Because the girls joined me, and we had so much fun getting colourful on this hilly route around the grounds!

Running is awesome.  Sharing it with my girls is awesome.  Color is awesome.

life is good!



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