{ K N I T S H A M I N G }

Today’s the big day! The knitshaming revolution begins!

What is knitshaming? It’s like dog shaming, but for knitters, hand knits, yarn, WIPs, FOs, gauge swatches, and anything else knitty. That project that won’t cooperate? A deep dark knitting confession? Knitshame it!

I’m planning a knitshaming blog post every Monday (at least) and pics on Instagram as they become available! Directions for joining in the fun are at the bottom of the post.

Here are a few pics to get us started!





Have you got a knitshaming pic you’d like to share? Willing volunteers and projects only, of course! 🙂 Email me at knitshaming@gmail.com or share your pic on Instagram with the #knitshaming hashtag! You can also follow me on Instagram @knitshaming for more pictures.

I’m looking forward to some knitshaming adventures!


7 thoughts on “{ K N I T S H A M I N G }

    • Definitely, Ter! I hope you and other bloggers want to join in. If you want to start your own series on your blog, feel free. You’re also welcome to submit to me via knitshaming@gmail.com of share on Instagram with the #knitshaming hashtag. If you want to link back to the original knitshaming post here, please do. I’m also starting a Rav group if you’d like to help moderate?

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