In which I talk about my girls

Once upon a time, most of my blog posts were about the girls.  Parenting.  Our adventures.  They were interspersed with travel or knitting.  But there were always pictures of my girls.

I think the social media generation has taken away the need for me to blog about the girls.  I’m constantly uploading pictures to Facebook or Instagram.  There’s such instant gratification that I rarely take the time to blog pictures of them.  In truth, I rarely take the actual camera places anymore, instead depending on my iPhone to capture moments that once required an obscenely expensive DSLR camera and an entire bag of equipment.  Times are changing.

But I’m trying to move away from the speed of some manners of social media, and take more time to pause and reflect.  More time to be purposeful.  More time to live in the present.  That’s part of what this return to blogging is.  My blog was never intended for anyone else.  It was a time for me to sit and write and share and ponder.  I love that people (family, friends, anyone) read it.  But I love that, unlike other social media, it isn’t always about the connection that I have with you.  It’s just about what I share.

At any rate, the girls are getting big.  So big.  Bigger than I could have imagined, even if I’d tried.  Samgirl is almost 9.  Kicka is recently 7.  JD is a wild and wonderful (mostly) 3.  The girls are excited (-ish) about our move back overseas.  They’re taking up loads of my time and energy, but in a good way.  I’m rarely as exhausted by parenting as I once was.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s still exhausting and all-encompassing.  But it’s not quite the physical labor and exhaustion that it once was (when they were all babies).  I’m a new brand of tired these days.

One of the biggest events with the girls recently was Samantha’s First Holy Communion.  It was a truly beautiful occasion that we will cherish always.  She did an amazing job with all of the prep work and throughout her religious education classes this year.  Marcus and I truly felt that she was ready to take this step in our faith, and we’re so thrilled that so many of our family and friends were able to be there to help us celebrate. 

I feel like she was only baptized yesterday. 



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