You are God’s Beloved

Every day for the past six weeks I have driven by a Lutheran church near my house.  It’s not the church that I belong to.  I don’t volunteer there and it isn’t where my daughter attends preschool.  I don’t know any church members there.  It’s not even the only church that I drive past.  It’s just a church that I drive by on my way home.

This church, like many, has a signboard out front.  I’m used to seeing church announcements, holiday sentiments, Bible passages, and even the occasional pun or joke.  I can honestly say that I have never, in my entire life, seen something on a signboard that has influenced me, changed me, or even stuck with me…that is, until this signboard.

You are God’s Beloved.

Four simple words.  They are just four simple words.  And every time I drive by and see them, I am filled with so much joy and happiness that I cannot even explain it in words.  I am Catholic.  I am a believer.  I go to church (though not as much as I should).  I feel moved by readings and Gospels and homilies and community events.  But I legitimately wonder if these four simple words may be some of the most powerful words of faith that I’ve ever heard.

I am simply sharing them, during this season of faith, hope, love, and thankfulness.

You are God’s Beloved.


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