A History of My World in 100 Objects #14

My iPhone ate the post I had done last week with #14, and I was too discouraged to do it again.

That, therefore, brings me to a completely different fourteenth object than I had originally intended to write about:  my iPhone.

I’ve been planning to write about this one since I started the 100 objects project, but I wanted to wait until I got a good picture.  And do you have any idea how hard it is to get a good picture of your iPhone with your iPhone?  Now you now.

I consider myself fairly tech-saavy.  But I was never into cell phones like my sisters were.  In fact, I always just had the cheapest phone I could find, and rarely used it anyway.  I had never sent a text message before 2008 (and even then there were only a few of them).  I had never heard of an app.  I didn’t know what a smartphone was.

When we returned home from living overseas, my husband bought me an iPhone.  A love affair was born.

3 years later, and I still love my iPhone.  I carry it everywhere.  I do more on it now than I do on the computer, except for actual typing and writing.  I might be a little obsessed…but I’m not planning to give it up anytime soon.

Practical Uses for my iPhone


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