A History of My World in 100 Objects #11

Knitting. I could have posted pictures of my favorite needles, favorite finished object, my entire yarn stash, knitting bags, project bags, or dozens (hundreds) of other objects. But I decided to stick with old faithful.

Malabrigo Worsted, Blue Surf, Amanda Hat

This is my very first skein of Malabrigo yarn. This picture is from February 2008. Though I’d been knitting for almost a year at this point, I’d knit in acrylic blends picked up in town, and stuck primarily to scarves. It was not the finest year of my knitting career. I was a knitter, but not Knitter.

This one skein of yarn, the purchase of which also coincided with the founding of the Harrogate Nutty Knitters, paved the way for me to become the Knitter I am today. I realized what good yarn is, and how incredible it is to knit with. I learned to break free from my knitting box and to challenge myself as a knitter. I started to love knitting. Knitting became a lifestyle for me, more than just a hobby.

So it’s only fitting that this object should be that first skein of Malabrigo yarn, and the first project I ever knit with it. It made an addict out of me–both to the yarn, and to the process.

Knit on.


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