A History of My World in 100 Objects #10

Ah coffee…

Though I only became an addict in 2010 after my third child was born, I drank the occasional cup when we lived overseas. I adored the smell of coffee, even as a little girl. I can remember waking up after spending the night at my Nanee and Poppy’s house and smelling the coffee downstairs. I loved it, though the occasional sip, even with sugar and milk, was too bitter for me.

I guzzled soda in college while my friends drank coffee to help them survive all nighters. Now it’s a cup of coffee that I need at least once (often twice) a day to help me survive. Frothy milk is a favorite indulgence, but not required, as you can see below.

Everybody should believe in something. I believe I’ll have another coffee. ~Author Unknown



One thought on “A History of My World in 100 Objects #10

  1. Coffee. I hated it for years as a kid after scooping two tablespoonfuls in a tea cup. Thought it was prepared like chocolate. now, a cuppa’s cool with me.
    Looking forward to number eleven.

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