A History of My World in 100 Objects #1

I’ve been following with along with interest and attachment to Philip Harvey’s History of the World in 100 Objects.  The idea has piqued my interest.  First, as a friend, I have enjoyed his posts and reading along with him.  Second, as a blogger, I find myself drawn in by the idea.  Thirdly, as someone addicted to my camera, the idea appeals to me.  Can I share the history of MY world with you in 100 objects?  Let’s just see, shall we?

In Phil’s footsteps, the first object here isn’t of any special significance.  There’s no reason that it’s number one.  It’s simply here.  And yet it seems fitting, nonetheless.

The red phone booth, the quintessential British icon that so many Americans have come to know and love.  When we moved overseas, this was sort of what we expected to find.  The red phone booth was a simpler life.  It signified an easier time.  At the same time, when we arrived, it daunted me and scared me.  Would I fit in?  Find myself?  Be able to acclimate?  Was this home to be so foreign to me that there was no place for me in it?

Of course, England became as “home” to me as Annapolis has always been.  I never thought two places could be home, but they so clearly are.  And they’re so different that I cannot compare them to one another.  Each is lacking.

When I see this phone booth (I have a small replica in the family room), I’m always brought back to Harrogate.  I am always coming home.


One thought on “A History of My World in 100 Objects #1

  1. They were, and might still be, pink in Hull.

    Anyway, can’t wait to see your 100 objects line up. Its funny how such everyday objects can encapsulate so much.

    How long till you catch me up? 🙂

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