In which it never ends…

You know what knitting project just seems to go on forever? The blanket. I’ve never knit one for our sofa, or for my daughters, for just this reason. Like John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, they are the project that never ends!

Yet here I stand, or more accurately, sit. Working on this gorgeous blanket in Malabrigo Rios Teal Feather. It’s a lovely lace pattern by Caryl Pierre.

It may be the bane of my existence, though. Not only does the blanket not seem to grow, but I swear I’ve been “this close” to moving on to the last skein of yarn forever!

Of course, like I feel like this knitting will never end, I’m sure Kiki feels the same way about this pregnancy.

Which will come first: the baby or the completed knitted blanket? Wagers, anyone?



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