Sweater Frenzy

A delayed spring has meant that I’m still wearing sweaters.  And if stands to reason that if I’m still wearing them, I’m still knitting them.

I’m currently working on a modified version of in threes: a baby cardigan for adults.  This is not going to look just like the baby version–in fact, it’s going to have just as many differences as similarities, if I can get it to work out like I’m picturing it in my head.   I’ll keep you all posted!

I finished my Momo, which was a test knit for Terri Kruse and has since been released.  It was lovely to knit and looks great on me…but I’ve discovered that I am allergic to silky merino…the horrors!

I also recently finished my Effortless Cardigan, which was another quick, effortless knit.  It’s done in Madtosh DK, and I adore it and am still wearing it!

I’m on the lookout for my next sweater knit…hmmm…what will it be?


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