Heavy Heart

Dearest Friends,

I come to you today with a heavy heart to talk about a friend of mine, Tony the Toy-box Monster.

A tragedy has struck Tony. This is not of his doing. It’s not the fault of his wonderful designer Rebecca Danger. It’s not the fault of the children whose toys he so carefully guards.

No, this is the fault of me…the knitter. Though the pattern clearly states that I will need approximately 140-190 yards of yarn to knit Tony, I began to knit him knowing full well that I only had 104 yards of Polar Morn Chunky on hand. I rationalized–I will shorten his arms and legs, I told myself. I will not make his body so big. But I was greedy…nay, selfish as I knit, loving how beautiful he was becoming. So I knit on, following the pattern exactly as written.

And this brings us to where we are today. Tony is only a ball…no arms…no legs…less than 10 yards of yarn remain…

He cannot be expected to live up to his duties guarding toys if I abandon him so. He will fall short. Disappoint. Fail in his mission.

And so I come to you today, friends, asking with a heavy heart…

Anybody got any polar morn chunky?



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