Graduation Goggles

On Sunday, Kiki and I took the big girls to see The Sound of Music at our old high school. The production was wonderful, and the girls truly loved it (even though, at times I wasn’t sure Erica would make it through the whole thing). They’ve had me singing the songs the whole week!

Mommy, Samantha, and Erica

While we were there, it got Kiki and I reminiscing, and funnily enough, this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother talked about a phenomenon called “graduation goggles.” This is when you start to remember something or someone more fondly than they actually are, once your time together is almost over–sort of like how you are friends with everyone on the day you graduate…even those people you never spoke to in school.

Clearly, I was overcome by graduation goggles on Sunday. Though I have lots of good high school memories, there were certainly some bumps in the road. There are reasons I’ve chosen to send my children to public school instead of the private school I attended (money is only one of them…though it’s a good one). And there are reasons I don’t always think back on high school with smiles.

But on Sunday, sitting in the cafeteria where I had lunch with my friends (almost all of whom I’ve lost touch with over the years), crammed for tests, saw my favorite teachers (some of whom are still teaching there, and I caught a glimpse of on Sunday), and my biggest worry was passing Honors Biology and fitting in, I saw things through graduation goggles.

Still, it was wonderful to show off my high school to the girls, take them to their first play, and share the whole thing with my sister and best friend.

Life is good.


Kiki, Samantha, and Erica


2 thoughts on “Graduation Goggles

  1. I was so happy you were there! I sure hope I didn’t contribute to any of those negative High School moments…for Kiki, at least…since she was in drama my first year there….to me you all represent what I love about St. Mary’s…life, legacy and love.

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