Well Hello, Wyatt!

Wyatt has finally published via Ravelry!  After two and a half test knitting trials (don’t ask), two amazing tech editors, and lots of hard work, the pattern named for my first nephew has been released!

Knit?  Know someone who does?  Spread the word!  Wyatt is a very beginning knit, it’s knit in one piece with minimal seaming, and it’s sized from NB-6 years!

Thanks to Ravelry you can now view the pattern information, price, and some photographs by clicking the link above, whether or not you are a member!


2 thoughts on “Well Hello, Wyatt!

    • Absolutely, if you’re willing to do the math. The gauge is 16 st to 4 in, so if you know the chest measurement you are aiming for, you could easily adapt from that and make changes as you go. For instance, if your desired chest measurement is a 38, you’ll need a total of 152 stitches (approximately) for the body. So, since the garment is constructed in one piece and you’ll be knitting just the front, CO half of that, or 76 stitches. Work til your desired length, then you’d work the arms (calculate the amount of stitches for each arm based on your wingspan, just like you did for the chest). Work until desired length for the neckband, and then you’ll repeat for the other half.

      I hope this helps some, Judy! 🙂

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