In which I attempt to pass the time

I leave for my vacation in England in less than 3 months now.  Those 3 months will be full (as are most days!).  We’re preparing to start kindergarten for Samantha and preschool for Erica.  I’m considering a babysitter for Jessica one day a week so I can devote time to work, instead of finding time for work.  We’ll have Girl Scouts, soccer practices and games, Sunday School, and the logistics of day-to-day life filling up our calendar.

And still, I find myself thinking about my time in England and how I can’t wait for it to get here.

So, to help pass the time I’ve decided to start a large-scale knitting project.  I’ve got socks on the needles, a shawl hibernating, a test knit halfway completed, and a hat almost completed.  But I want to knit something for myself, and I think the time is right for Catriona.

Three months to knit Catriona.  It’s actually a pretty ambitious goal, because of all the cabling.  And I won’t lose sleep over it.  But I’d like to challenge myself and see if I can do it.  Bring it with me.  Wear it.

It seems to suit, doesn’t it?


One thought on “In which I attempt to pass the time

  1. OMG!! I adore the Catriona! I know you’ll do an amazing job on it!!! I still haven’t gotten around to my Wicked. Women keep having babies and I keep feeling the urge to knit baby blankets for them. I need to STOP. PS….the next 2 babies are girls and I’m making In Threes!

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