The Delayed Reaction

Samantha (5 1/2) has been asking to wear her hair in a low ponytail for the past few weeks.  For a girl who hates having me do her hair, she’s been insistent on this style and on me doing it just right.

The other day, she told me that the reason she wants to wear a low ponytail in her hair is because that’s how Princess Tiana wears her hair in The Princess and the Frog. I smiled and said she did look like Tiana with her hair like that, and off she went.

I’m proud of myself–Marcus and I have done a good job teaching the girls that who you are matters, not the color of your skin.  Which is why Samantha doesn’t care what Tiana’s skin looks like;  she just wants to be like her because she’s a princess.

When some of my friends were going on about how important The Princess and the Frog was, I didn’t get it.  What was the big deal about having an African-American princess?  My kids didn’t care if her skin was purple; she was a princess.

But my kids were used to having princesses with skin color and features similar to their own.  And for a little girl who had never had a princess with hair or skin like hers, I bet it was awfully exciting to see Tiana on the big screen.

Let’s ignore the fact that this move released over a year ago, and call this my delayed reaction.


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