In which I don’t wanna…

Blarg.  I feel incredibly unmotivated this morning, which is probably why I’ve accomplished practically nothing.

One thing I would love to have crossed off of my list, though, is the publication of Wyatt, which has been on the design table since I knit the first prototype almost 6 months ago.  Two tech editors and various test knitters later, and I’m still not pleased with the sizes.  It needs a sizing revamp, and though I should just sit down, work all the numbers again, and then publish the darned thing…well…I don’t wanna.

It’s probably because it’s a Friday.  Or because the girls are at camp and Jessica is sleeping and I just want to be goofing off.  Or because I can’t find the calculator, and you can’t do design math without a calculator.

Luckily, it’s almost time to get the girls and head to the pool.

Whew.  Crisis averted.  I almost had to do work.


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