In November, I wrote about my daughters and their little ears, the ones that heard so much more than we realized.

It’s June now…almost July…and I’m sitting down to write the blog post that I feared would follow that November post.  My grandfather, my Granddaddy, died on Sunday.

This is the first grandparent I’ve ever lost.

He’s the grandfather I loved growing up…

Me and Granddaddy, 1997

The grandfather who was at my college graduation…

Wake Graduation, 2001

The grandfather who was at my wedding…

Granddaddy, 2002

The grandfather who was married to my grandmother for 61 years on Friday, and whose marriage was an example to Marcus and I…

Grandma and Granddaddy, 2002

Grandma and Granddaddy, 2004

The grandfather who was never afraid to goof around…

Grandaddy, 2005

The grandfather who loved his children and grandchildren…

Me, Samantha, my mother and my grandparents, 2005

The grandfather who loved his great-grandchildren…

Granddaddy and Erica, 2006

The grandfather who got to meet my youngest daughter before he died…

Granddaddy and Jessica, 2010

He’s the grandfather that showed me to read magazines from back to front because the short stuff (often the best stuff) is at the end, the grandfather that loved tickles (but never wiggled), and the grandfather that I’ll miss always.

He’s the grandfather that I’ll remember in all these ways, because Marcus points out that while you only get one first impression, you get many, many last ones.

I’ll miss you, Granddaddy.


5 thoughts on “Impressions

  1. Kelly ~ What a sweet tribute! I will be thinking of you as you miss your granddaddy! What a treasure you have in these memories and pictures! ~ Lisa

  2. I’m sat here with tears running down my cheeks – thank you for sharing such wonderful impressions of a wonderful grandfather – thinking of you all xxx

  3. So sorry for your loss. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me (just followed you on twitter), but this blog entry made me tear up. I am not usually very emotional, but seeing those pictures of your grandaddy made me feel like I knew him. He looks like a really great person. It’ wonderful that you at least have these nice photos and memories. My prayers to your family through this tough time 🙂

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