Lazy Summer

Summer is finally upon us.  And I’m the most surprised of all to find myself about to utter these words…

I’m glad the kids are out of school.

Shocking, I know.  I’m the first one in the parking lot to drop them off, always the first to say that I love the break when they are at school.  But for some reason, I was ready for the school year to end.  Perhaps it’s that now we aren’t as ruled by the school schedule or the clock–we can march to our own drummer.  Or maybe it’s that we can slow down a bit, after a busy spring of running, running, running.

Whatever it is, I’m excited for the lazy summer we have before us.  Jessica is starting to sleep better, Samantha and Erica can play so well together (sometimes) and we have a few driving vacations planned that don’t require any major planning.  Plus we’ve got the pool at my mom’s house at the ready, the playground right behind our house, and, on a whim, the beach only two hours away.

This is the summer I missed in England.  If there were abbeys to visit, too, it would be my heaven.


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