All the world is a stage…

…and when you’re a parent, it seems that all the world is one stage after another!

Like for Samantha, we’re finishing up the preschool stage, the one where she was still mostly a little girl, and moving on to the next stage, where she’s a girl-girl. She is starting kindergarten in the fall, finishing her first season of soccer, and preparing for summer camp.

Then there’s Erica, who turned four and is prepared to be one of the big kids in her preschool next year, going to school for three full days.  Still some tantrums as she figures out who she wants to be and how to be heard, but the sweetest little girl on the block when she wants to be.

And the littlest one, moving on from the stage where she was entirely dependent on Mommy and Daddy to the one where she can eat a little something off a spoon, spend a few minutes away from us, and enjoy the company of her sisters and others, too.

I wish things would slow down before the next act is upon us.


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