I know, I know. I’ve been neglecting the blog. And since I love the blog, you know there must be a lot going on here off me to abandon it so suddenly. There has–life. I’m sure you can relate. Three kids, three part-time jobs, a husband, a house…whew! Life, right?

I’m knitting, though not as often as I wish I was. But, I’ve finished the Brilliance Pullover, have test knitters working on Wyatt, and have various projects stashed around the house and in the car for when I have a few stolen moments. So, I suppose the knitting is a little neglected, but still loved, too.

The writing is going well, though its been hard to write during the days like I would like. And writing at night is hard because I’m tired. But i do it, though i suppose you could say it’s lost some of the excitement for me and has been relegated to the “work” category lately.

I’m still selling jewelry, still cleaning my house (sometimes), still updating my Facebook status and Twitter account…still doing it all.

It’s all a bit neglected, I suppose. But the girls…Marcus…they aren’t. We’re doing field days and graduations, dinner dates, playing in sprinklers, jumping on tramplines, going for walks, heading to the park, planning vacationed, going to the movies, nursing…whew!

So, as much as I’m neglecting some things there are others that are being juggled pretty well. Some days better than others, of course, but for the most part, pretty well.

So, here’s to neglecting things, huh?


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