The Call of Spring

Every year, spring inspires me to get my house cleaned up, to get rid of junk I don’t use anymore, to do something with the girls’ playroom, to cast on knitting projects…

Yes, that’s right.  With the end in sight for my Brilliantly Britain, I couldn’t resist the wild call of my yarn chest.  There was sotobosques Malabrigo Worsted, aching to be a soaker for Jessica and a final version of the Wyatt pullover I’m designing.  There was some Fleece Artist fingering weight that has aspirations of becoming a new neckwarmer/scarf with an idea by my cousin Megan.  There’s a test knit of a shawl for a friend that’s still on the needles from months ago that I suddenly feel inspired to pull out and study.

I should be immune to the calls of spring startitis.  Instead, I hear her call…and I answer.


2 thoughts on “The Call of Spring

  1. Knowwhatymean, I have a lovely scarf/ shawl on the needles, about 3/4 done, two socks, each with a partner in waiting & I keep scanning my yarn/ Ravelry /brain for projects to start & its back to school tomorrow with all the work that produces! Wyatt could be a possibility for baby Ben!

    Like the new blog layout btw! If you enjoy the historical novel genre try Elizabeth Chadwick (the english writer, not the american of the same name) -she will bring back memories of all of your castle visits when you were in England. They are on Audible if you only have time to listen (via your iphone of course! I LOVE mine- sad but true!).

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