Brilliantly Britain

Malabrigo March never fails to entice me, though this year I had to curb my participation due to the business of life (3 kids, house, writing, designing, and jewelry sales make for a busy Kelly).

Last year’s big Mal March undertaking was the Brilliance Pullover in Malabrigo Worsted, the lettuce colorway.  It was knitting up beautifully.

However, as the pack out and move back to the states approached, it got pushed to the back burner and then was forgotten about in lieu of other projects.

But as another Malabrigo March came and went and we approached the one year anniversary of our move home, it seemed only fitting to dig my Brilliance Pullover (aptly named my Brilliantly Britain) out and start working on her again.

The knitting itself is so soothing–I love that it’s simply knits and purls, with the ridges mixed up and creating a beautifully textured garment that my husband thinks looks like the most professional thing I’ve ever knit.

But as I prepare to knit the last few rounds, I find myself saddened by the concept.  It feels, in a way, like this is my last tie to our time in England.  The last remaining project that I cast on during our time there is about to be finished.

Has a year really gone by already?  It doesn’t seem possible.

Expect pictures of Brilliantly Britain soon…


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