Conversations with My Children

My kids always say these super cute/funny/bizarre/strange things and I think to myself, “I really should have written that down.”  Like the other day when Erica came into the other room with cookies she had taken from the pantry and hidden and informed us that, “I didn’t steal these cookies today.  I stole them yesterday and put them in here.”  I mean, you can’t make up this kind of material.

So tonight, while I was putting Samantha to bed, she asked to hold Jessica first.  I obliged, and seeing the sweetness she always displays towards her baby sister, I reached out to snag the teachable moment.

“You know Samantha, I love how sweet you are with your little sister.   You are such a good big sister.”

She looked up at me, and nodded.  She leaned in to kiss Jessica on the cheek.

I continued.  “I wish you would be this sweet with Erica.  She’s your little sister too and she loves you just like Jessica loves you.”

Wide-eyed, my five year old looked at me and honestly responded, “But Mom…she’s three.”


Stay tuned for more conversations with my children…


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