Story Time

OK…story time! 🙂

I had contractions on and off all day on Friday, and but went to bed without too much of an issue. I woke twice to go to the bathroom–the first time I noticed that I was feeling really crampy, even without contracting, and the second time I noticed that I was contracting and cramping continuously. My husband and I waited only about half an hour, and the contractions were so painful that I called the midwife, who said to head in to L&D.

When I got there, I was 2-3 cm, 50% effaced, -2 station, and contracting regularly every 2-3 minutes. The midwife asked me to walk around the hospital for awhile, which we did for about an hour and a half. She checked me again, I was 3 cm, slightly more effaced, still -2 station. I got a little teary eyed, and expressed that I was really hoping not to be sent home. She conferred with the incoming midwife (shift change) and they agreed that I could try to walk around for 2 more hours and that as long as I’d made some progress, they would admit me and try to give me some Stadol to relax me and hopefully help bring baby down (they noted that she was sunny side up, and both felt strongly that though I was in early labor, this was the problem).

So, we walked hard, fast, and furious, and 2 hours later I was about 4, 60-70% effaced, and 0 station! So, they admitted me, I got a kick ass room, and they gave me some Stadol. It made me loopy, but the relaxation was just what the doctor ordered–the contractions got more productive, more painful, and I was about 5 when an hour had passed.

At that point, the contractions were painful and 4 minutes apart. But I was alright between them, so I wasn’t going to ask for the epidural yet. However, my nurse told me that the anesthesiologist was in the room next door, then had a c-section and another epidural scheduled. She said we could probably snag him before the c-section…worried about the lag time that could occur if I waited, I decided to go ahead and get the epidural then. I’m so glad I did–he was in the c-section for a long time, and if I’d waited, I don’t know if I could have handled the pain by the time he made it back my way.

At that point, I was doing well, my mom and sister arrived, and we spent time resting and talking. My contractions got stronger and stronger, I felt no pain, and I got to rest.

The midwife came in and spent most of the evening with us, monitoring my progress and socializing, which I loved. When it was finally time to push, it took about 90 minutes, mostly because Jessica was now laying sideways and it was a difficult position to get her pushed out of. Again, the epidural rocked!

Jessica Diane arrived at 7:35 pm, weighed 7 lbs, 11 oz, and was 20 in long. The girls can’t wait to meet their baby sister, and we head home tomorrow! Family of five…holy moly!

Sorry I’m so verbose…I just wanted to recount it all. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Story Time

  1. Congratulations! I read your blog all the time, and thought when I didn’t see a post since the 31st, that maybe…..
    She is precious! All the best to you with your new family member!

  2. Kelly,
    She is beautiful! We can’t wait to meet Ms. Jessica. Many congrats to you, Marcus and the girls from The Warren Family!

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful! I love those tiny hands up by her face in the first picture. When your blog showed up in my feed reader I thought, hmm, maybe a baby? So happy to see your new little one and hope you’re feeling that sweet joy of not being pregnant any more but instead holding your new child. Enjoy the tiny baby time. Mine’s already three months old and I wonder where the time went.

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