Festive Mood

The holiday season is drawing to a close, and it has been a busy one for our family.  We tried to stick close to home, which was a good idea.  Even with visitors coming to us, for the most part, I still found myself pretty worn out in the evenings.  I can’t imagine how tired I would have been if we’d been traipsing about as we’ve done in years past!

The girls had a wonderful Christmas, filled with family, friends, presents, and treats.

Marcus is happily enjoying his new iPod iTouch, which means he can back off of my iPhone a little bit now.  🙂  He’s also thrilled with the gift certificates that made their way into our house–there’s nothing he loves better than spending money without diminishing our bank account.

As for me, I had a great Christmas, too.  Things have settled down for the most part, pregnancy-wise, and other than feeling extremely tired, I’m doing alright for 39 weeks along.  I’ve been getting things organized, as much as possible, and trying not to stress out and obsess.  Of course, I have my moments (just ask Marcus and my mom about last night) but overall, things are going well.

The festive mood is starting to dwindle, and we get back into the business of our day to day lives.  But I’m excited that, for our family, some excitement is on the horizon to spice things up a little…


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