Passing the Time…

Time continues to pass…some minutes slowly, others more quickly.  My impatience is starting to fade (as are most of those pesky contractions…drats!), and we’re getting on with the business of the holiday season.  The girls have Christmas concerts at school tonight and tomorrow night, we are decorating my mom’s Christmas tree this weekend, and next week the girls don’t have school, so we have a full schedule of playdates, cookie baking, and other fun activities to keep us busy.

As for me, I’ve been knitting to pass the time, too.  This year, I opted not to involve in the madness of years past that I lovingly called, “Christmas knitting.”  This year, I have a chestful of handknits, and if I feel so inclined, friends and family to dole them out to.  But not something for everyone, and I have no guilt about it.  Some people appreciate and cherish handknits…others don’t.  More so, some handknits are more time consuming than others, and most non-knitters don’t really get that, either.

But here’s a peek at some of the knitting I have done lately, holiday or otherwise.  Ignore the mediocre lighting…most has been finished in the evenings, when daylight isn’t possible!

So, the time is passing.


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