If you know me, either in person or through my blog, you may recollect that patience is not my strong suit.  It happens as a teacher, as a parent, as a writer, and as a knitter, even…the context makes little difference, even when I try my hardest to be a patient individual.

Being my third child, I’ve tried to approach the pregnancy with patience.  Thus far, I’ve been pretty impressed.  Even Marcus has commented that, overall, this has been a pretty good pregnancy.  No real problems, other than some ups and downs and the regular first trimester woes.  And to be honest, I’ve found myself in no real rush to get this pregnancy “over with” like I have in the past and like so many women that I know.

That was, of course, until this past weekend.  Here’s what I looked like last week, at 36 weeks:

Definitely getting pretty big, but still feeling alright overall.

But then this weekend, I had a lot of contractions all day on Saturday and Sunday.  They did ebb and flow some, but often were as close as 4-5 minutes for extended periods of time.  And for the first time, unlike the BH contractions I’ve felt a lot this pregnancy, this were painful, instead of just uncomfortable.

So, on Monday when they’d been 5-7 minutes apart for 2+ hours, I called the midwife.  She asked me to come on in to the office, and she checked me out and we talked some.

She pronounced me (pregnancy talk…sorry guys) a “good 2 cm” and soft, but still long.  She said Jessica doesn’t seem to feel like she’s ready to drop and shorten my cervix just yet, but that there’s no telling.

I left there still contracting, and told to keep an eye on things.

I continued to contract erratically all night long, and had a difficult night’s sleep.

But here I am today, contractions almost completely gone.

On one hand, I am totally fine with this.  I’ve had this idea the entire pregnancy that I’ll go late, so this would seem to fit.

But now…well, knowing that I’m already 2 cm (even though I also know, as a mother of two, that this means a big fat nothing), and knowing that my cervix is soft, and knowing that those contractions were doing something…

I’m feeling my patience start to dissipate a bit.  It doesn’t help that everyone around me is convinced that Jessica is going to arrive early.

I’m trying to stay the course.  Patience…patience…patience.  Jessica will arrive when she’s good and ready.  It would be hard if she came this week with all the holiday prep and the girls’ Christmas concerts.  After the holidays is best.

Just remind me of those things when you see me or if my patience seems to be wearing thin!


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Hugs hun! Its so hard being ‘due’ in and around the holiday period. My eldest was due on Jan 19th, but ended up being born on Jan 4th. I had had a lot of ‘stuff’ which indicated an early arrival (prem labour at 23 weeks, then again at 32weeks), so when my hindwaters broke on Christmas Eve it was a relief as I thought we would finally have Miss Amelia. however it was yet again another test in patience…the elak sealed, and she held on for another 10 days…the wee toerag!
    Sending you lots of contentment wishes, and a smooth birth for your newest daughter

  2. It seems you and I have the same patience level. I have only 7 weeks to go and I am trying so hard not to wish it to go faster. I do try to remember that each and every night that I get uninterrupted sleep (except for bathrooms breaks!) is one to savor. Not only that but they grow up so darn fast anyway!

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