The Sun in Shining

My low is starting to fade, and the sun is shining both inside and outside of our house a bit more.  Maybe I’ll blame pregnancy hormones, and try to remain positive.  If I worry about the downs, it will only make them worse.

And while the sun is shining, there’s been knitting.  Oh boy, has there been knitting.  Not so much cleaning (hah!) but knitting.  In fact, I’ve completed 16 projects for the October Malabrigo Junkies Stockpile.  I’ll almost be glad for Sunday to roll around, because I’ve felt compelled to keep working on one skein projects!  Entrechat has hit the back burner, and instead, I’ve knitted up these (and this is just a sampling)…

Whew!  Then, when the stockpile is over I’ve promised myself to work on Dad’s Christmas vest (you know…from last Christmas), my Brilliance Pullover (hibernating since the move) and to finish the Entrechat shrug test knit.

At least I haven’t lost the will to knit!


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