Snobs (Me) and Husbands (Him)

So, I posted on Sunday about how I sent Marcus out on a mission.  He was headed to Trader Joe’s, which was right next to Joanne’s.  I desperately needed (wanted) the correct size needles so that I could re-start Entrechat.

So, I sent him into the store with a note detailing exactly what he needed.  He was to give it to a salesperson and ask for help.

Well…he came home with one set of the desired two sets of needles.  He explained that they didn’t have the one size (no surprise) so he bought the other size.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear this.  Until, that is, I looked at them.

They are these hideous Boye plastic needles…like old ladies and toddlers knit with.  Straight, too, which will work but aren’t my preference.  I am a needle snob, as well as a yarn snob.

I sighed.  And then it struck me.

“Marcus,” I said.  “Did the lady at the store help you with these?”

He paused.  “No.  They had just opened and everyone was busy.”

It all starts to make sense.

“Gosh, I’m really surprised that they didn’t have any circulars in the size I needed.  Or any US 10.5 (6.5 mm). ”

“You didn’t say you wanted mm sized needles.  You wrote US.  So that’s what I got.”

“Marcus, did they have needles that were only sized in mm?  Usually needles list both sizes, and I just wrote the US size since I had the pattern in front of me.”

“I wasn’t about to get things that weren’t on the list.”


I suppose I should be thankful he went at all…after all, not all husbands would have.  I just shouldn’t be surprised with the results.  Plastic straight needles in one of the two sizes I needed (and apparently, the only ones in the store that were only sized in US sizes).


4 thoughts on “Snobs (Me) and Husbands (Him)

  1. Kelly…you should have sent him here…I am a veritable treasure trove of needles. I have quite a stash and then I inherited a whole bunch…next time, send that sweet man over here!

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