Knitterly Denial

I’ve got it.

There is almost no way that I can continue to knit Entrechat on US 10 needles.  I am getting 14 stitches to 4 inches, when I need to get 11 stitches.  That is going to be way too small, even after blocking.

Yet I am still knitting it.  Yep, it’s knitterly denial.

I have sent Marcus to Joanne’s with a note for a salesperson.  It reads:

US 10.5 circular or straight needles

US 11 circular or straight needles

24 inch cord or longer preferred

Please help this man! 🙂

He is under instructions to find help and show them this note.

We’ll see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Knitterly Denial

  1. Marcus is a good man. I can’t imagine sending Blue Eyes to Joann’s with a note. I’m certain that 15 phone calls later. . . it would be much like sending him to the grocery store for tampons. 🙂

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