in threes: a baby cardigan

in threes: a baby cardigan has been published on Ravelry! I am super excited to publish this piece! It’s my first sized garment, and required a lot of work, time, and thought to get it just right. I’m really proud of myself.

September2009 245

I’ve put a widget to the side that includes links to all my published patterns–2 here on my blog (free) and three now available as PDF downloads via Ravelry. Please check them out if you are a knitter!


6 thoughts on “in threes: a baby cardigan

  1. Hi, I really love this pattern but I’m not a knitter. But I do have a willing grandmother to knit for me and she has extra yarn from a project that I need to find a pattern for. It’s Marble Chunky ~ do you think it would work with this pattern if she adjusted the number of stitches?

  2. Hello I have just joined your site. I purchased your pattern after seeing it on another blog and have made a few of your cardigans now. Its the first wearable pattern I ever followed! thank you so much. As a self taught knitter it was very easy to understand.

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