In Which I Concede Defeat

I should be clear–I was not, I repeat, NOT, bested by a garter rib sweater.  My knitting ability is (not to toot my own horn) too advanced for that.

By all measures, there was no reason that I couldn’t finish Marcus’ Big Brown Blob.  The knitting is will within my ability level.  There aren’t skills involved that I’m not familiar with or that seem daunting.  There is absolutely nothing that makes this sweater too hard for me.

And yet, here I sit, conceding defeat to an inanimate object.  Not only do I admit to being outsmarted, but I have ripped the sucker out and thrown it away.

Here’s why:

1)  I didn’t like the yarn.  I bought it so early in my knitting career that I just didn’t know any better.  And every time I knit with it, I hated it.  It wasn’t nice to knit with, and even Marcus admitted that it was going to be scratchy.  For the record, it was Knit Picks Wool of the Andes.

2)  I didn’t like the pattern.  There wasn’t anything wrong with the Saranac pattern, per se.  It was just a lot of garter ribbing and some long ass arms to knit for my husband, who needed the 50 inch chest sized sweater.

3)  I didn’t want to knit it anymore.

The last item is, of course, the most important.  It’s the one Anne pointed out to me when she arrived this week and I showed it to her, the body 3/4 of the way done and one sleeve completed.

So, she, in her infinite wisdom, reminded me that I don’t have to knit it.

And she’s right.  So, I’m not.

I pulled out the sweater and tossed it in the bin (why would I save yarn I hate in order to knit something else?).  I have the remaining skeins for sale on Ravelry.

And I’m a much happier knitter.


6 thoughts on “In Which I Concede Defeat

  1. Good for Anne to bring it to your attention that you don’t HAVE to knit it. I was wondering when she was arriving for a visit. I always find it tremendously amazing how freeing it is when you finally walk away from such a project forever!

  2. That very sort of thing very nearly killed my entire knitting career. Bad yarn, boring project = me not knitting for a few years! If it hadn’t been for meeting a new knitting friend who tempted me to pick it up again and then the realization that I could be a ‘quitter’ on one small thing rather than a whole… well, yeah. Go Kelly GO!

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