Blog Contest Winners!

30,000 page views…I’m there!  Here’s to the next 30,000!

And if that weren’t enough excitement, we have blog contest winners, too!

I had one person pick the exact date I’d reach 30,000–Josie!  I also had one person pick the 17th (Patti) and one person pick the 19th (Melanie).  Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll up the prize count and each of these three winners something!

Josie, Patti, and Melanie, please leave a message in the comments with your color preferences (give me a first and second choice) and I’ll get your hats out to you soon!  🙂

Your color choices are stonechat (greens and maroons),  paris night (dark blue, mostly solid), verdes (different shades of green) and olive (dark green, mostly solid).  Here are a few pictures to help you decide!

Unless one of you wants to take up knitting, in which case, be sure to let me know which color yarn you’d prefer!  😉  Somehow, I suspect that might not be the case!

Congratulations to the winners!


4 thoughts on “Blog Contest Winners!

  1. WAHOO!!! Yay! I’m excited! I think I like stonechat the best… in hat form of course… I unfortunately haven’t learned to knit since the last time I’ve seen you! 🙂

  2. I like Olive and verdes!!! I am super excited but I think I have to forfeit:( When I looked on your original posting today…I saw I had guessed twice:( I had no idea..I must have thought I didn’t post and did it again:( I suck!

  3. Yahoo! Although not dead on date – oh so close. I like the paris night, but will not be choosey. I’m just oh so excited to finally be getting something knitted by you.

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