More Baby Knits

The baby knitting continues, much to Marcus’ dismay.  With every baby item, his sweater gets pushed back just a little bit further.  Ah well…

One of the most recent completions was this wool soaker, a cover for a cloth diaper (or even a disposable, if you have a heavy wetter at night).  It’s knit in Malabrigo Worsted, the Sauterne colorway.  I knit the newborn size, so I know I’ll need to do the next size up since we aren’t going to start cloth diapering until after the first month or two.  Still, it’s just too cute…imagine a little baby heiney in there!

Baby Jessicas First Soaker

Baby Jessica's First Soaker

Then, I just finished up a pattern called The Little Sister Dress.  Of course, in our case, it’s the littlest sister’s dress.  This photo was taken while it was still a work in progress, but it’s completed now and just awaiting buttons.  It’s knit in Malabrigo Sock, the Archangel colorway.

The Littlest Sisters Dress

The Littlest Sister's Dress

Now, in fact, I don’t have a baby knit on the needles.  OK, that’s not entirely true.  I’m knitting a baby blanket for someone special, but I keep forgetting to take a picture of it.  But there’s nothing on the needles for Jessica.

What’s next, I wonder?

I’ll get back to the Big Brown Blob one of these days.  At least I’ve finished one sleeve now.


2 thoughts on “More Baby Knits

  1. I’m amazed! How do you get all of your knitting done so quickly? My projects take FOREVER. I know my technique isn’t very good. . . but still. . . FOREVER!

    Nothing Fancy walks away singing “i want to be kelly…i want to be kelly…”

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