Travel in England

Another Tuesday, another compilation of some of my work for your viewing pleasure.  These pieces all relate to our time while living in England–some of the places we visited, where we lived, and things we learned and wanted to share about life in the UK.  It is by no means comprehensive–in fact, looking at how little it is reminds me of all the additional pieces I’d like to write!

Again, if you have questions, comments, feedback, or additional article suggestions, please fire away!

Food/Drink in the UK

Indian Food in Northern England: Akbar’s Takes the Prize

Organic Food Delivery in Yorkshire, England

Betty’s Cafe Tea Rooms: England’s Best Cup of Tea

Outings in the UK

A Day of History & Natural Beauty in Helmsley, England

Fountains Abbey:  England’s Must See Piece of History

Spofforth Castle:  Best Free Castle Ruin in North Yorkshire, England

Whitby, England:  Best Seaside Holiday in North Yorkshire, England

Bolton Abbey & Hesketh Farm Park: A Family Friendly Day in North Yorkshire, England

Tropical World in Leeds, England: Best Small and Inexpensive Aquarium Day Trip for Children

5 Reasons Not to Bother with Stonehenge

A Daytrip to South Wales:  Caerphilly Castle and Tintern Abbey

Day Trips in Yorkshire, England: Harrogate

Wacky Warehouse: Best Location and Value for a Child’s Birthday Party in England

Tips for Travel in the UK

Tips for Traveling Cheaply in Yorkshire with Young Children

A Guide to Saving Money While Exploring England

Tips for Driving in England

What You Should Know about Using Credit& ATM  Cards Overseas


One thought on “Travel in England

  1. Perfect timing… we are going to Leeds in a couple weeks and we haven’t really done many things there yet (with the exception of a few Dr appointments, Ikea and Jay Dee going to Akbar’s). We will have a friend’s 2 year old with us and I think we may go see Tropical World!
    Sorry you had a bad experience at Stonehenge… I admit it wasn’t 100% of what it is cracked up to be… but I still enjoyed it. It wasn’t very busy the day we were there though… so I bet that helped.

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