What I Love About Sundays

Even after we purchased the AFN, American football on Sundays was one of the things I missed most living overseas.  Even during years when I didn’t know all the players names, positions, or teams, there was nothing I loved better than sitting down on the couch and being able to catch the Redskins game.  Something about the tradition of it all was what I ached for, so even when I stayed up late to watch a game, it just wasn’t quite the same.

So we found new Sunday traditions.  Thanks to Anne and Phil, we became huge fans of the Sunday Roast–a nice, big, mid-day meal and the company of good friends, followed by desserts, tea and coffee, and (when Anne was around) a knit and natter.

Back in America now, we managed to blend the two, quite nicely, if I do say so myself.  Following a nice big Sunday roast, the girls had their first, impromptu football practice thanks to Uncle Andrew!

Maybe you can go home again, after all.


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