Bicycles and Horses

I fell off whatever apparatus you want to call it yesterday with my first rejection from a literary agent about Scattered.

I was bummed. However, at least they responded, which they didn’t have to since I forgot to include a SASE. It’s a good thing I thought to include my email address.

So, even though I know that writers experience tons and tons of rejection before their work falls into the lap of that right agent or publisher, I still felt really bummed out yesterday when the email came through.

But, I’m trying to be positive about things. I am doing something that so many writers never do–I wrote my book and I’m getting it out there. I’m actively trying to find an agent and a publishing house for it. I want people to read it, because I really believe in it.

So, I’m brushing off the saddle (or the banana seat) and hopping back on. The second query went out via email about ten minutes ago (this agency only wanted the query letter…I guess if I can’t sell it and myself in that one page, I can’t sell it yet).

And so it begins…again!


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